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SMTP packages to send emails without restriction. purchase the suitable plan to start the sending process within minutes. Or ask for custom plan To meet your needs.

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it's your choice for better delivery performance to increase return on investment for your email programs. Get in touch with our experts to drive your business to the next generation, where you will get inbox placement consulting, account migration services, integration ...etc

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Transactional Email

Transactional email or triggered email is a type of automated email between a sender and a recipient in real-time. Messages are sent to users through email after a specific action has been performed within an application or website. Some common examples of Transactional emails include password resets , invoices and receipts, account notifications, social media updates, and welcome emails. These emails are typically sent programmatically through an email API or SMTP server.

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SMTP Packages

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Per month

  • 100.000 emails per month
  • A/B Testing (Split Testing)
  • Track Open Rates
  • Track Hard & Soft Bounce


Per month

  • 500.000 emails per month
  • A/B Testing (Split Testing)
  • Track Open Rates
  • Track Hard & Soft Bounce


Per month

  • 1.000.000 emails per month
  • A/B Testing (Split Testing)
  • Track Open Rates
  • Track Hard & Soft Bounce

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High volume sender, have custom integration needs or require dedicated IP’s? Get a completely customized plan for your specific business needs.

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Online marketers, users of various applications, even owners of Websites and online stores need SMTP to send emails. As you know your hosting is limited or you are not allowed to send emails. So you need your own SMTP to perform the operation. This is our mission where we will provide you everything you need to send emails with full support.

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Frequently asked questions

Logging into your email account to retrieve email seems fairly simple. However, there is technology working behind the scenes, such as simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) and internet networks to ensure you can send and receive email. Think about SMTP as a mail carrier, sorting and delivering messages to mail servers. These messages are then delivered directly to your email inbox.

SMPT is responsible for transmitting email across Internet networks (IPs). This technology is used specifically for sending outgoing email. Clients typically use applications such as Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) or Post Office Protocol (POP) to access to their email box. For example, if you send an email it goes to a mail server using SMTP. The mail client will then deliver it to the user’s mailbox.

SMTP is responsible for a little more then just deliver messages to servers. It performs several functions that streamlines the delivery process.

-It evaluates the configuration and grants permission to the computer who is trying to send a message.
-It can also track if the message was sent successfully. If it isn’t, an error message is sent to the sender.
-Extended SMTP is a little more advanced then older versions. It helps cut back on email spam.

Previous versions of this technology had limiting figures, such as the location of the client within the network. SMTP allows clients to submit emails quickly regardless of the recipients location. Thats because current SMTP technology uses a clients authentication (which are their accreditations) instead of the license IP address to send email.

Both are protocol.

465 is for SMTPS protocol, In this SSL encryption is started automatically before any SMTP level communication.

587 is for MSA protocol. SSL encryption may be started by STARTTLS command at SMTP level(if server supports). In this ISP does not filter server’s EHLO reply.It helps to stop outgoing spam email.

telnet {smtp_domain_name} {smtp_port}

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