SMTP Relay

SMTP Relay service allows you to routes email through an advanced 3rd party to deliver your transactional emails, newsletter, .etc.

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Why SMTP relay?

Successful email delivery

The goal of each marketer is to gain an email delivered to 100% of subscribers. Accidentally, very rarely marketer reaches such a high rate. The most crucial factor of your email deliverability is related to the service you use to send bulk email campaigns.

Hight inbox rate

While a message reaches the Inbox, most recipients get notifications, Which means that the campaign’s first stage was completed. But, the same doesn’t appear when the email goes to the spam box. You’ll only find out if you access it directly. And this email has approximately the same value as an email not delivered.

Clean Dedicated IP



The reputation of the IP is critical to reaching the Inbox. And imagine what would happen if someone else inappropriately using your IP address. Your IP will be affected, causing your emails to match the spam. For this reason, you will have your dedicated IP.


Save website load

The process of sending emails requires considerable resources, especially if the number of emails to be sent is high. Also, this, without a doubt, will cause a massive load of servers and websites. But by using SMTP Relay services, you will be able to send the quantity you need without affecting your website server.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Smtp?

Logging into your email account to retrieve email seems reasonably straightforward. But, technology runs behind the scenes, such as simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) and internet networks to guarantee the sending and receiving an email. So, believe regarding SMTP as a mail carrier were classifying and delivering messages to mail servers. Then these messages are delivered directly to your email inbox.

What Is The Difference Between Ports 465 And 587

465 is for SMTPS protocol. In this, SSL encryption is started automatically before any SMTP level communication.
587 is for MSA protocol. SSL encryption may be started by STARTTLS command through SMTP level(if the server supports). This ISP does not filter the server’s EHLO reply. It helps to stop outgoing spam emails.

How Does Smtp Work?

SMPT is useful for sending email across Internet networks (IPs). This technology is used primarily for sending outgoing email. Customers typically use Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) or Post Office Protocol (POP) to access their email box. For example, if you send an email, it goes to a mail server using SMTP. The mail client will then deliver it to the user’s mailbox.

How To Check If Smtp Is Working From Command line?

Simply use the following command line by replacing {smtp_domain_name} and {smtp_port} values by your smtp IP and port
telnet {smtp_domain_name} {smtp_port}

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