How to configure Sendblaster with SMTP

How to configure Sendblaster with SMTP

SendBlaster is among the most widely known email marketing application. it will allow you to manage your campaign with complete control. But before begin you need to set up it with an smtp server to progress results.
So I want to introduce you ways to get it functioning step by step.


1- Open SendBlaster then go through the Send icon from the left part menu:


Now just you should set your SMTP details like SMTP Server, port, user name, password.
Note: you can find SMTP details from Smtpcart.Com if you need considerably more support about any of it please don’t hesitate to get hold of us.


2-Configure email sender to have a better delivery performance.

it’s the most crucial step to obtain a better delivery level. so you have to set your own email as sender.
I help you to use your own domain name with configured SPF,dkim,dmarc,records.



3-Test connection

Within the last step, you need merely to click on the given Connection test button to verify that your SMTP is functioning properly.


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