How to Avoid Emails Going to Spam

Written by smtpcart

January 9, 2020

Is your message going out to the spam folder?
So, let’s show you three easy steps to keep it from happening.

Step one 1. Notify Subscribers to Whitelist Your Emails

After you send welcome emails to your brand-new subscribers, inform them to whitelist your emails.

It is a straightforward activity that helps in several ways.

To begin with, subscribers can be sure that they’ll keep obtaining the emails they enrolled in. Also, having more folks whitelist your emails shall increase your sender reputation, and your inbox delivery rates will be higher overall.

You may get your group of whitelisting instructions from the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy free of charge.

Step two 2. Notify Gmail Users to “Drag” Emails from Other Tabs to Key Inbox

Regardless of whether your email didn’t go to spam, Gmail users may still have trouble finding your emails because they are filtered into other tabs like Social or Promotions.

To avoid this, provide them with these instructions:

How exactly to Drag Emails into Gmail’s Key Inbox

First, look for the email inside the Campaigns tab. Click Then, drag and drop it into the Primary account.

Next, a message will appear asking if you would like to do this for future communications from this sender. Select “Yes.”

Now, your Gmail subscribers will always receive your emails to their primary inbox.

Step 3 3. Teach Subscribers How to Keep Your Emails Organized in a Special Folder

Your emails are essential to your subscribers, but they probably get many other emails, too. Please help them find your emails easily by teaching them how to organize your emails into a particular folder.

Also, remember that engagement is a significant factor that can affect your inbox placement rates. Helping your subscribers keep track of all your future emails will help keep your emails out of spam once and for all.

Give your subscribers these instructions to help them set up emails from you:

How exactly to Organize Emails

Create a particular folder where you can archive emails once you have read them.

Don’t set up filters to direct emails into these folders, or you might miss something automatically.

After you’ve finished reading a contact, move it to the folder

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